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Numb Nut

trigger help needed

Hi folks,

Was just wondering if someone who is familiar with falcon's internals could take a look at this picture of my fn19 trigger unit and tell me if the spring to the right looks like it's supposed to, from the factory? I ask because the hammer often fails to lock back in this fn19 and it seems to be because this spring is too soft to push the rear sear forward into engagement reliably, perhaps there's too much friction.

The spring at the top is a bit bent too, I'll probably replace it if I end up buying a replacement for the rear spring.

Any help appreciated!


The spring to the right doesnt look familiar to me but unless I took one of mine apart I couldn't be sure.  The other spring is worth replacing so you may as well buy the true replacement for the other spring at the same time.

Give Falcon a ring and they'll sort you out.

Numb Nut

Thanks for the reply, Gus.

I think you're right, the spring on the right is quite weak compared to the one at the top and also the one still inside the mechanism that acts on the trigger lever. I suspect it's been replaced by the previous owner to reduce the trigger weight or perhaps they lost the original.

If anyone knows for sure (like you just happen to have a disassembled falcon trigger mechanism infront of you!) then please do post.

I called falcon but unfortunately John Cooper is on sick leave (get well soon John!) and the other falcon techie chap has just gone on holiday for a week...
Gun Nut

I'll have a look when I get home from work as I have a few triggers in bits on the bench at the moment. To be honest the spring doesn't look far wrong and it should only need a tiny amount of force to engage the sear if everything is working correctly. I think it is probably more likely that the bent spring is not pushing the top sear down under the rear sear. One other thing to try is to reassemble things without the first stage and sear engagement adjustment bolts as these can sometimes affect the cocking if not adjusted right. Some retractable ball point pens have springs in about the right size to replace the bent one if you want to try this temporarily before buying new ones.  
Numb Nut

That'd be much appreciated Gun Nut! (one nut helping out another )

The top spring on the other hand is actually quite strong, despite being a bit distorted...

I'm pretty sure it's the rear spring at fault as the trigger mechanism wasn't cocking the hammer when I removed it from the action and I noticed that the rear sear was sitting away from the top sear. I nudged it forward with an allen key and could feel some drag on it but the rear spring is really very weak - although it looks to be in good condition. I'm guessing it's not the original ... or I wonder if this spring and the lowest spring have accidently been swapped around.... hmmm, I might have to try that.

Good advice about finding a suitable spring to shove in there and to try it with that.

Say, if you could take a pic of what the springs look like in a complete trigger unit I think that would be a handy reference (I can host the pic on your behalf if necessary).
Numb Nut

I've swapped the lower and the rear springs around the trigger unit seems to be working fine for the moment but time will tell.

The first stage is alot lighter now (this is set by the strength of the lower spring) and the rear sear is being pushed forward more strongly. So it does seem the previous owner has swapped these springs over at some point, probably by accident.

I'd still be grateful if someone can post a pic of a factory standard unit so I can double check mine!

Here's a pic - the spring at the top right is now the lower spring and the top left spring is now the rear sear spring.


heres  mine,, not totally stripped but

Numb Nut

Thanks for the pic - first time I've seen a falcon trigger mech with a safety catch.

Say, do you fancy taking another pic looking into the top of the trigger mechanism - the rear spring should be visible.
Gun Nut

This is a picture of one of my trigger units.
Numb Nut

Huge thanks Gun Nut! That is indeed a big help, and the pic will be useful as a reference for other forum members too.

Unfortunately for me it shows that the springs were in the correct location the first time and I've gone and mucked it up - the rear spring with about 8 coils is similiar to how my trigger mechanism was before I did the swap.

It also shows that the thicker wire spring with 5 or 6 coils goes at the bottom and acts as the first stage spring, even though it feels too strong for that...

Looks like I should probably think about buying a new set of springs and install those.

Thanks again, fellow Nut!  
Gun Nut

Your're welcome. Somewhere I have details of the spring diameters and wire gauge as well as the compressed and uncompressed lengths which I will post when I can find them. It might be worth stretching the old spring a bit to see if that works and it is also worth checking that the rear sear rotates smoothly when fitted on its own in the trigger block as sometimes these wear and bind the sears. I also took a slightly more in focus picture.
Numb Nut

Just noticed your reply...

Thanks for the updated pic - much clearly shows the various springs and their relative wire gauges and number of coils. If you find the spring specifications I'm all ears (actually eyes!).

I'll need to try to figure out why the rear sear is dragging so much - like you say, it could be wear on the insides of the housing...
Numb Nut

FYI - some more threads about falcon triggers:

Just tried adjusting my newly acquired FN12 (with safety) trigger for weight via the rear screw. It's a little lighter than it was but still rather heavy.

Is there a guide to trigger 'tuning', i.e. what parts to polish and any other advice?

I successfully tuned my S400 trigger using Beer Hunter's guide here:

Something like that would be great!


Numb Nut

Sounds like you've adjusted the sear overlap - so need to be careful that the sears aren't set so finely that the rifle might fire when knocked.

I would say that the standard trigger spring (bottom spring) is a little on the stiff side and could be replaced with a lighter gauge spring so to reduce the trigger weight. I've done this with my FN6 pistol and the trigger is far improved.

thanks from me too, i had a problem working out where my spring & ballbearing should be located as they fell out on removal of the trigger mechanism & felt too proud when i went to refit, i found that trigger moving helped when retightening.
toby renton

trigger , ball bearing ??

is this the exact location were the ball bearing is meant to go??

toby renton

thanks for help once again

thanks managed to put back together . Forum Index -> Guides and fixes
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