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Lightstream 4-14x44 FFP

If you have 400 lying around and want the best mildot scope you can buy the Lightstream should be your first choice

Image - the clearest I've seen better than my Mk4 Leupold
FFP - First Focal plane so your mildots stay true whatever magnification you use - Fantastic for hunting and useful for target shooting
AO -for adjustable parallax (OK  I'd rather  have a sidewheel parallax but hey the rest makes up for it!)

Can you tell the difference between this and a 200 scope, definitely! can you tell the difference between this and a 1000 scope....  not necessarily



wish i had that kind of money to spend on a scope richard Maybe one day i just might when the old eyes become dimmer and that quality becomes neccessary.At the mo i manage very well with anything around the 50 pound mark,but i dont doubt what you say.Tim Forum Index -> Optics
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